We Will Build You A Fully Automated Acquisition System And If You Don’t Close More Than $15,000 of Commission In The First 16 weeks – We Service You For Free Until You Do!


Nous mettons en place pour vous un système d'acquisition de clients personnalisé, rentable et entièrement automatisé, spécialement conçu pour vous - garanti de fonctionner en moins de 24 heures !

Industry Leading Clientele

We Build Customer Acquisition And Recruitment Systems

We give you access to innovative client acquisition systems, getting you real results for your money.


  • Custom software

  • Automated customer generation in 4 clicks

  • An end to lead dependency

  • Simple setup

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Nous concevons un logiciel marketing personnalisé, conçu spécifiquement pour les courtiers hypothécaires. Ce système automatisera votre génération de clients, éliminant la dépendance aux fournisseurs de leads. Notre système est 'dummy-proof'. Même sans compétences techniques, vous le maîtriserez.


  • Qualified leads in 24 hours

  • Recruitment or mortgages

  • Profitable appointments

  • Exclusive acquisition strategy

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En moins de 24 heures, des prospects qualifiés vous fourniront leurs infos pour obtenir un prêt hypothécaire ou rejoindre votre équipe. Nous vous guiderons pour atteindre un volume idéal de rendez-vous de manière rentable. Chaque stratégie d'acquisition est conçue pour vous.


  • Customer acquisition automation

  • Optimizing the sales process

  • Key team recruitment

  • Community of industry leaders

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We design customized marketing software specifically for mortgage brokers. This system will automate your customer generation, eliminating dependence on lead providers. Our system is simple and straightforward. Even without technical skills, you'll master it.

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In less than 24 hours, you'll have qualified prospects providing you with their information about getting a mortgage or joining your team. We'll guide you to reach your ideal appointment volume in a cost-effective way. Every acquisition strategy is designed with you in mind.

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We've automated new customer generation. Now we'll perfect your systems, optimize your sales process through coaching and allowing you to take advantage of our elite community of mortgage brokers. When you join our program, you become part of a dynamic community.

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Nous avons automatisé la génération de nouveaux clients. À présent, nous perfectionnerons vos systèmes, optimiserons votre processus de vente grâce à notre coaching et à notre communauté d'élite de courtiers hypothécaires. En rejoignant notre programme, vous intégrez une communauté dynamique.

You're in Good Hands

We've already helped mortgage brokers grow their businesses to 6 and even 7-figure sales. Here are a few success stories of brokers like you, who decided to take action and take control of their business.

Nous avons déjà aidé plus de 30 courtiers hypothécaires à développer leur activité pour atteindre un chiffre d’affaires de 6 à 7 chiffres. Voici quelques exemples de réussite de courtiers comme vous, qui ont décidé de passer à l’action et de prendre le contrôle de leur entreprise.

Avril 2023

“I spoke to absolutely all the customers, and then I closed about 40%”



July 2023

The Results You Can Expect

Here are the most common results you will achieve if you are accepted into one of our growth acceleration programs:


Forget the anxiety of wondering where your next sale or broker hire will be.

Our fully automated client and broker acquisition system effortlessly attracts prospects and converts them into enthusiastic individuals ready to use your services or join your team.

With us, every new day is filled with opportunities.


Are you ready to work strategically, rather than exhaustingly?

We will support you to establish efficient systems that will automate your activity and recruit a solid team.

This will allow you to free yourself from repetitive tasks to dedicate your time to the more important aspects of your business.

The time for professional freedom has come.


Don't let any more potential profits evaporate!

Our partners see their monthly commissions double or even triple within just a few weeks of using our services with us.

We'll help you identify and overcome the barriers to achieving six or seven-figure annual revenue as a mortgage broker.

The time to fully exploit your potential has arrived.


Your work is already helping homeowners make their real estate dreams come true.

With our help, you can multiply your influence and reach an unprecedented number of prospective homeowners, helping them successfully navigate their mortgage journey.

Together, let's create a lasting and positive impact in the world of mortgages.

Are you ready to propel your career?

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On this call, we'll take the time to assess your situation and your goals for the future. If you are a good candidate, we'll explain to you how our services will make you a more successful broker.

The Latest #Wins From Some Of Our Best Customers

We are

Mortgage Connect

We help ambitious mortgage brokers impact more homeowners by working smarter with automated customer and recruit prospecting marketing systems.

How We Disrupt

The Mortgage Industry

We believe it is possible to shake things up and disrupt the industry through innovative approaches that harness the power of the digital world, automation and artificial intelligence.

We know the mortgage broker industry has been slow to adopt technological advancements. We are here to change that.

Our goal is to help mortgage brokers stay ahead of the curve by leveraging the latest digital tools and strategies to drive growth and profitability.

We understand that customer acquisition is the lifeblood of a mortgage broker's business, and we are passionate about helping our clients attract and convert more customers.

Our team understands how to build marketing and sales tools that locate, engage, educate and convert strangers into paying customers in record time.

We work closely with our clients to develop a message that differentiates them from the competition and resonates with their target audience.

We build an automated lead generation system that highlights their unique value proposition and persuasively communicates the features and benefits of their mortgage products and services.

But We Don't Stop There.

We continually test and optimize sources of traffic

of our clients to find the most interesting traffic at volumes that will shock you.

Using next-generation tracking and data systems, we are able to separate the signal from the noise and eliminate losses while increasing the number of winning opportunities.

A system where every dollar spent comes back in force, bringing in 7 to 10 times more each time.

Through our innovative approach to customer and recruit acquisition, we believe we can help businesses in the financial services industry achieve unprecedented levels of success.

A Letter From The Founder

Loïc Robert

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From: The Founder of Courtier Connect

Re: Why consider partnering with us...

We understand that choosing a solid partner in marketing and customer acquisition can be a daunting task. With a multitude of companies claiming to offer the best services, it can be difficult to know who to trust.

At Courtier Connect, we want to assure you that we're different. We don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk. We have a proven track record and are committed to helping you achieve your business goals.

We know you need more than just promises. That's why we've worked hard to assemble a team dedicated to your success. We've invested heavily in the development and implementation of customer acquisition systems, and worked with a considerable number of mortgage brokers - all to ensure that our customers get the best possible results.

But our mission doesn't stop there. We are constantly improving our products and services to stay at the forefront of innovation. Our goal is to become the leading customer acquisition and recruitment company for mortgage brokers, and we won't stop until we get there.

We firmly believe that the key to our success lies in our commitment to customer satisfaction. At every stage, we strive to provide our customers with the best possible experience. We don't just want results, we want you to be satisfied every step of the way.

We know you have a choice when it comes to choosing a marketing partner, but don't think of us as just another "lead generation company" or "generic marketing agency". We're much more than that.

We're convinced we can help you grow your business as a mortgage broker, increase your revenues and make a more meaningful impact with your customers. So why not take the first step and book an appointment with us today?

We thank you for your attention and look forward to working with you.


Loïc Robert

Founder of Mortgage Connect

Loïc Robert

Suivez Loïc

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We'll set you up with a customized, cost-effective, fully automated customer acquisition system designed especially for you - guaranteed to be up and running in less than 24 hours!